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Amphi-Docks are ingenious by design, robustly built, incredibly simple and will make your life at the lake a whole lot easier. Our patented Roll-IN-Float (RIF) System makes launching and retrieving your dock a breeze. Due to its modular design it also makes for easy storage.

Each Original Amphi-Dock section is 7'x16' and sections can be assembled in an infinite variety of configurations.

The Chameleon walkway and landing ramp sections are 4'x10' and the floating sections are 8'x4', once again allowing sections to be assembled in any configuration.

The Amphi-Dock Diamond is constructed from lightweight aluminum in either 40" x 51'" or 51" x 40" components for infinite configuration possibilities. The deck sections are coated with a non-slip polyurethane gator-hide.

Floating sections comes with our patented RIF System comes with or without a barrel, brackets and all the necessary hardware.

  • Deck

    Original & Chameleon Deck

    All our Original and Chameleon docks are constructed with 2'x6' pressure treated decking ensuring an extremely long life, excellent durability and usability

  • Diamond Deck

    Diamond Deck

    The deck is constructed from 3/16" lightweight aluminum coated with a non-slip polyurethane gator-hide. The Diamond dock is built lifetime strong.

  • The Hardware

    The Hardware

    Amphi-Docks are built to live in the water. All the hardware and components are constructed from aluminum for durability and long life

  • The Magic

    The Magic

    Our Roll-IN-Float System ensures that the sections roll easily on any surface without getting stuck and then float effortlessly once in the water.

Latest News

  • Roll-IN-Float System
    March 19, 2014
    The all new Roll-IN-Float System that made Amphi-Dock famous can be used to convert or build your own dock using your own barrels so it can be shipped anywhere in North American, therefore allowing anyone to create a dock that not only rolls on land but floats on water.
    Price with barrel - $255.00
    Without barrel - $275.00

Amphi-Dock Easy Install Video